I have created several types of e-Learning or online learning materials ranging from interactive lessons and courses that can be housed in a learning management system, to recorded training videos, to live webinars or virtual Instructor-led trainings. Each type of eLearning requires different tools and considerations such as engagement tools and length based on whether users are engaging in synchronously in real time or asynchronously on-demand.

eLearning Authoring Tools: Storyline 360, Rise, and Camtasia
Web Conferencing Tools:

Interactive eLearning

As part of my Master’s program, I created a sample interactive module that Alpha Kappa Psi officers could utilize to understand the organization’s pledge program improvement plan process.

Stages Involved: Design (Scripting & Storyboarding), Development (Audio Recording and ELearning Development), Evaluation
Software Utilized: Articulate Storyline 360

Live Webinars (vILT)

During my time at Alpha Kappa Psi, I conducted webinars including selecting the topics, developing the content (whether through personal research/experience or working with an SME), selecting speakers, facilitating, as well as moderating/managing the back-end tech support during the sessions. Webinars and vILT training that I’ve done have ranged from 15/20 minutes to over an hour in length. Post-webinar and live training, I have taken the recordings to make them available on-demand, whether as one complete video or broken up into smaller micro-learnings depending on the content.

Stages Involved: Design (Content scripting), Development (creating powerpoints), Facilitation, Evaluation (post-webinar surveys)
Software Utilized: GoToWebinar, WebEx, ON24, Zoom

Recorded Training Videos

Recorded training videos I’ve created have included recorded screen captures walking through technical processes, as well as voice-over PowerPoints to teach various topics. The live webinar above is an example of how post-training, I turned the session into an on-demand resource.

Stages Involved: Scripting, Recording, Editing
Software Utilized: Powerpoint, Snagit, Camtasia