Through my work experiences, I have been able to develop a number of skills that I am continuing to improve on and learn more about every day. A snapshot of some of my projects include:

  • Developed in-person and online training programs in collaboration with SMEs ranging from professional and leadership development to risk management and officer training. Programs range from hour-long ILT or vILT sessions to multi-lesson asynchronous courses hosted in the organization’s learning management system.
    Roles: Design, Development, and Evaluation, as well as some facilitation for in-person programs.
  • Designed a comprehensive new member education program for collegiate chapters focusing on professional development and organizational knowledge that was implemented organization-wide. This program is flexible for chapters to tailor the program to their own needs, while still meeting the organization’s expectations. Roles: Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation.
  • Launched a new Learning Management System to provide access to a catalog of over 30 online courses. Prior to the project, no learning management system was in existence and resources were limited to what could be housed on the company website.
    Roles: Analysis/Research of platforms to provide recommendations, design/ assist with the set-up of system, design and development of courses, manage assignment and reporting.
  • Spearheaded an account as the first Project Manager for thePRocket, a student run PR firm, that planned a first annual 5k with over 150 attendance. The 5k was a partnership between the firm and a local family that helped raise awareness for Celiac Disease.
    Roles: Project Manager, Resource designer

For an in-depth look at some of my projects, view the sections of my portfolio.